How often the shadows of the buildings in a city is ignored or treated like a natural resource?
Camboriú/SC in Brazil is a city that has a mix of urban landscape of shadows and buildings and natural landscape of the beach . A close look at this feature of the city seeks a reflection on the influences of strong vertical integration in cities with plenty of natural resources. The city grows at blazing speed . There is no limit to the property valuation , despite the limitations of physical space and sites for construction.
More than 7 million square meters were approved for development in the city in the last 12 years. The value multiplied by the price per square meter in construction (R $ 1,355.60 in May / 2014) , comes to an investment figure of almost 10 billion reais.
The money almost exclusively invested in high-end housing. The apartments prices may vary from 1 to 10 million and have this high value not only for the cost of production, but because of the law of supply x demand and the few areas of available to build: just the surroundings of 7 km the city beach.

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